Machine Tending

Job shop owners consistently rank the ability to find qualified machinists as the number one problem they face as a business owner.

While high production manufacturing businesses solved their labor shortage issue with automation decades ago, automation for the high-mix/low-volume manufacturing environment of job shops had remained elusive.

ProCobots was founded to make job shop automation practical: It needed to be flexible, easy to
program, easy to move to multiple machines, compact without the  need for intrusive safety fences, and
able to work WITH the machinists instead of replacing them.

ProCobots Product Line

easy robotics er5 procobot

ER Work

  • Built for simple machine tending
  • UR3 and UR5 can be mounted
  • Adapter system for UR10
  • Mobile between machine jobs
  • Docking station for precise machine tending
  • Different type of part trays available as option
  • The ER Work platform is compliant to ER+ Software
  • Hartinger connector for UR control can be mounted on the rear.

ProFeeder Series

ProCobot’s ProFeeder series, integrated with a collaborative robot arm from Universal-Robots, enables factories to implement a standardized Robot Cell that’s movable inside the factory taking the hassle out of integrating and designing a customized robotics cell. The ProFeeder system is a flexible and scalable solution that’s easy to setup and convert to new jobs. Profeeder PF Plus software is built around a database of trays, tools and part configurations. This eliminates the need to program the Universal Robot when changing  jobs

ProFeeder Table

ProFeeder Table

Robot Machine Tending

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Large worktable
  • Extruded aluminum top
  • Optional leveling castors
procobots profeeder easy robotics


  • The ProFeeder robot cell consists of 2 movers which act as pallet changers
  • Manual changeable part tray
ProFeeder X

ProFeeder X

  • 5 or 10 drawer systems available
  • 3-position drawers for continuous production
  • High capacity with compact footprint

ProFeeder Compact

  •  More space at your factory floo
ProFeeder Flex - ProCobots

ProFeeder Flex

A robot pedestal with removable trays that can be easily moved between work stations.


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